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BRICON is a Mozambican company based in Matola, which has been operating in the market since June 1999. We manufacture a diverse range of concrete products, 90% of which are certified by the Mozambique Engineering Lab. In our facilities, we manufacture cords, billets of various models, blocks, tiles, drainage channels, parapets for bridges, retaining blocks and many other concrete products. We also produce customized products according to customers' needs….

A wide range of products

BRICON has for itself a wide range of construction products with the guarantee of quality and durability

Lancis and Lagetas

Various types and dimensions of Lancis and Lagetas

Roof Tiles and tiles

various styles and sizes of Roof Tiles and tiles


Pans of various styles, colors and dimensions


Bricks of various sizes and formats


Fences with blocks or wood


shackles of different shapes and sizes

Different type of paves

Different paves in various colors